Automatic Sliding Door Opener HH115/HH125

  • Model: HH115/HH125
  • Fob Price: US $ 200 - 290 / Set
  • Lead Time: 3~15 Days
  • Warranty: 24 Months
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The Automatic Sliding Door Opener HH115/HH125 is an advanced automatic sliding door operator with the latest technology and powerful machine. The HH115/HH125 provides accurate control, stable operation, various functions, and elegant design. It has received ISO 9001:2008 certification and CE certification for its high standard of quality and performance.

  1. Door weight up to 150kgper
  2. Power input: AC90-240V 50-60HZ
  3. IOS:9001 and CE certificated.
  4. Quiet and smooth running.
  5. Brushless motor with a long service life
  6. Two-door interlocking and electric lock function with support multiple access control systems.
  7. Applicated to small or medium size doors.

Product Details

Automatic Sliding Door Opener DSL125A/125B

 Product Details

The microcomputer controller accepts an input voltage range of 100V-240VAC, so it can work in most countries without an extra transformer.

The microcomputer controller has self-learning ability, so the parameters can be automatically adjusted by the controller without manual programming. You can also manually adjust the parameters to customize the system.

The controller can connect with various triggers, such as microwave sensor, pushbutton, or wireless remote controller. The powerful CPU in the controller can handle various tasks quickly.

Microcomputer controller of Automatic Sliding Door Opener DSL125A/125B


Brushless DC motor is Small, Strong, and Energy saving. It is more durable and quieter than the brush motor. High strength gear drives the tooth belt with 100% transmission efficiency.

The fully sealed structure ensures no oil leakage. The overload protection system can easily handle high-frequency operation and protect the motor from malfunction.

square motor of Automatic Sliding Door Opener DSL125A/125B

High strength aluminum alloy rail is strong and wear-resistant. The length of the aluminum alloy rail can be customized according to the width of your doors.

track of Automatic Sliding Door Opener DSL125A/125B



 Components Position in the Guide Rail

component name of Automatic Sliding Door Opener DSL125A 125B


Components Introduction

 Component details


Included components of the basic set 

sliding door opener whole set

optional accessories

The optional accessories can be freely integrated with extensional functions. Convenient for customers to use according to their actual needs.

installation video

 Product Features

1.High intelligence 

The microcomputer controller of the sliding door operator has self-learning ability, so the parameters can be automatically adjusted by the controller without manual programming. You can also manually adjust the parameter to customize the system.

accept an input voltage between 100 and 240VAC, so it can work in most countries without an extra transformer.

2.High quality

OSENT automatic sliding openers received ISO 9001:2008 certification and CE certification. All the products are built with the highest standards for performance, reliability, and efficiency.

3.High standard of security

The door will stop and open immediately to ensure safety when encountering an obstacle. And the safety beam sensor can also detect the obstacle and reverse the closing door to avoid injury.

If there is a power outage, the automatic door system will stop running and you can easily open the door with your hand.

4.Quiet and stable

Running with low noise. (<50dB),Quiet and smooth operation.

5.Elegant design

The surface of aluminum alloy rail and cover is polished. Modern design makes the door more elegant.

6.Easy installation,effortless maintenance


Automatic Sliding Door Opener HH115/HH125 is suitable for a single door with a weight of up to 150kg.


 Single Double 
 Max.Weight of Body 150kg 2*120kg
Opening Width 700-2100mm 1200-3150mm
 Opening Speed 150-460mm/S (Adjustable)
Clothing Speed 130-460mm/S (Adjustable)
 Holding Time  0~8s (Adjustable)
Motor Power 65W(125A)     50W(125B)
Manual Opening  and Closing Force <40N                   <50N
Power supply AC90V~240V 50~60HZ
Operating Temperature -20℃+50℃

Benefits of Automatic Sliding Door Opener 

These days, building owners are installing automatic doors in their premises to enhance security & pleasure. Previously, secure access control and automatic doors were two different door entry systems. However, with high tech design and modern materials, both are combined without compromising on the security aspect. Automatic Sliding Door can be maintained which are aesthetic in looks. When security is concerned pertaining to entrances, it mostly relates to fire, safety and access control.

Greater convenience

There are many places where doors are expected to open by itself as they approach commercial & public premises. High street stores and shopping centers have adopted automatic doors. This is to improve customer convenience and to help them enter the premises easily and effortlessly. From commercial view point, they are likely to conserve energy and help determine pedestrian flow.


This type of door system has been designed for maximum 150 kg load. It has opening speed of around 150-460mm/s. The power consumption is 65W(125A) and 50W(125B).


Prior to each closing moment, safety photocell is carefully checked. The door’s regular checking does ensure that it operates efficiently and smoothly at all times. Also it is safe to be used.

It will be necessary to have adequate information prior to making any decision so as to make the correct selection. Installing the most appropriate type of automatic sliding door opener will help to derive all its benefits while increasing productivity and efficiency.

 pre-purchase Information

1.Type of door: frameless door or framed door

  • For frameless glass doors, you need glass clamps. We have 2 types of glass clamp, short glass clamp, and long glass clamp. It’s an optional accessory.
  • For the framed doors, such as wooden doors and stainless steel doors, you need the aluminum alloy sheets to fix the door and connect with the hanger. 

2.Size of doors

  • Please tell us the width of your door so that we can give you the right size.
  • The length of the aluminum alloy rail can be customized according to the width of your doors. The rail can be cut and each piece can be up to 210cm (max.) in length according to the requirements of air express.

troubleshooting manual
  Reason Inspection
Door body don't move Power is not on Check the power cable, check the power switch
Foreign matters on the rail Turn off the power, push the door by hand to see if the door moves smoothly
Automatic protection Check if there is any obstacle on the way
Door is locked Check if there is an external lock
Door can't be fully opened Half-open mode Check if it's set to half-open modeDoor can't be closed./  Door operates abnormally
Door can't be closed./ Door    operates abnormally Sensor misoperation Check for continuous moving items within the sensing      range
Short-circuit of control signal line Disconnect the signal line and see if it worked
Microwave interference source        around the door Check the microwave interference source
Continuous operation of the safe beam Confirm whether the safe beams are covered by dirt
Confirm whether the safe beams deviate from the right        angle
Door runs not smoothly High running resistance  Check if there are foreign matters on the rail
Check if there is an obstacle on the door body
Inappropriate speed for opening    and closing Check the speed adjustment



1. Cutting and installation of guide rail 


Standard length of the guide rail is 2.1 m* 2/4.2m, 2.4m, 3m* 216m and
other size should be customized.

Cut the guide rail as the following
length L=W-10mm, "W" is the distance between gateposts.

guide rail installation drawing 


Install the guide rail at a height of DH+25mm from the ground
(measure from the bottom of the guide rail).
(1) Drill holes on the steel structure (or wall surface) to install the guide rail.
(2) Measure the levelness of both ends of the guide rail.
(3) Each end of the rail is fixed onto the steel structure (or wall surface) with
one self-tapping screw temporarily.
(4) After recalibration of the levelness, fix the rail onto the steel structure
(or wall surface) with self-tapping screws (or M8 expansion bolts).

(1) The guide rail must be level.
(2) The height of sliding door leaf is DH.
(3) The clearance height above the guide rail should be
more than 50mm.
(4) The head of the screw/bolt must be fully sunk to avoid malfunction.

guide rail installation drawing 1 


2. Installation of motor

1. Hold the motor cable in the front of the motor.
2. Insert the motor bracket top into the upper groove of
the guide rail properly.
3. Then insert the motor bracket bottom into the below
groove of the guide rail.
4. Move the motor to the right end of the guide rail.
5. Tighten the mounting bolts.
6. Make the motor cable pass through the top of the
motor and come out from the left side.

Caution: Misoperation in step 2, 3, 5 may result in falling off. 
Motor installation drawing


3. Installation of controller

1. Insert the controller top firmly into the upper groove of
guide rail.
2. Insert the controller bottom into the below groove of
guide rail firmly.
3. Move the controller to proper position for connecting
with the motor cable and terminal switch cable.
4. Tighten the mounting screws.

Note: Misoperation in step 1 and 2 may result in falling off. 
controller installation drawing 


4. Installation of idle pulley

1. Insert the idle pulley top firmly into the upper groove
of the guide rail.
2. Then firmly insert the idle pulley bottom into the below
groove of theguide rail.
3. Fix the idle pulley temporarily with a fixing screw make
sure it can be moved easily. 
idle pulley installation drawing 1


 5. Installation of stopper

1. Loosen the fixing bolt of the stopper with hexagon wrench.
2. Insert the stopper onto the bottom flat rail of the guide rail.
3. Determine the position of the stopper by aligning with the open
and closed positions of the sliding door leaf.
Note: When setting the position of the stopper, the hanger should
be stopped when it touch the rubber of the stopper.
4. Tighten the fixing bolt firmly with the wrench.
Note: Carelessness may result in damage to the door.
stopper installation drawing 


6. Installation of hanger

1. Loosen nut A of the hanger and remove the holder from the hanger.
2. Fix two hangers onto the top of each sliding door leaf at the correct position with bolts(M8*20).
3. Hang the sliding door leaf on the bottom flat rail of the guide rail.
4. Resume the holder into the hanger, but don't tighten nut A.
Note: When fix above two hangers, make sure that both are flat with each other, and the sliding door leaf top and the white wheels of hanger are in parallel. 

hanger installation drawing 

Fixing position of hanger (see below drawing)

hanger installation drawing 1

Note: Model 125A* If sliding door leaf size is approximate to the fixed door leaf, L=300.
If there is no enough space for the requirement of L=300, please choose 125B.
If the sliding door leaf is narrower than the fixed leaf, 1-2190 or more.
Model 125B* L=190

Note: 1. During installation the center of the hanger wheel should be in full parallel with the door leaf. If not, the service life of the wheel will be shortened.
          2. Don't collide the guide rail and components in it, otherwise, the components may be damaged, the service life of the wheel will be shortened and there will be noise during door operation.


7. Installation and adjustment of door leaf

 intallation and adjustment of door leaf drawing  

As is shown in the left diagram, if the door leaf can't be
installed horizontally, it can be adjusted while hanging.

1. Loosen the fixing nut for fixing the hanger.
2. Adjust the height adjustment bolt.

Turn clockwise the door will ascend.
Turn counterclockwise the door will descend.

3. Tighten fixing nut.

4. After confirming the gap between the guide rail bottom
and the hanger holder is about 0.5mm (see the diagram),
fix the hanger holder by tightening Nut A.

5. Check the friction during the operation.

If it's hard to move the door leaf by hand, please check below

1. The hanger is fixed vertically on the leaf.
2. Any friction between the floor guide and the leaf bottom.
3. Any friction between the door leaf frame and gatepost.
4. Any friction between the hanger holder and the guide rail.



8.1 Belt Installation of a single leaf

Belt Installation of a single leaf drawing 

1. Remove the bolt A and take off the belt socket from
the belt bracket.
2. Cut the belt with reference to the belt cutting table.
Note: Cut the belt at the middle between two belt teeth.

3. Insert both ends of the cut belt into the belt socket and
make this two ends meet in the middle of the socket.
Note: The belt can not be twisted in above installation.

4. Fix the belt socket back to the belt bracket firmly.
Note: the direction of the belt bracket.

5. Hang above belt onto the wheel of the motor and the
wheel of idle pulley.

6. Fix the belt bracket onto hanger A firmly with bolt (M6*12)
and spring washer after adjusting the door leaf position.
Note: Do tighten the bolts firmly.




8.2 Position of belt bracket (single leaf)

Take Model A as an example:

position of belt bracket of 125A Model


9. Adjustment of belt tension

1. Move the idle pulley to the left end of the guide rail to keep the belt tightened and tighten the four pressure plate bolts.
2. Loosen the four fastening bolts.
3. Turn the tension adjustment bolt clockwise so that the tension plate will be moved to the left and the belt tension increased gradually. Adjust the belt tension until it's suitable,
then tighten the four fastening bolts.

 adjustment of belt tension drawing

After use for some time the belt may stretch slightly and then the belt tension should
be readjusted by repeating steps 1-3.


10. Installation of floor guide

There are two kinds of floor guide as below:

installation of floor guide drawing

The floor guide should be installed in the center of the sliding door leaf with its axle center coinciding with the central line of the door leaf depth
The central distance between the two floor guides must be smaller than the total depth of this two sliding door leaves (2DW).


11. Installation of sensor

The sensor should be installed on the top center above the sliding door leaf properly at a correct height according to the chosen sensor. Normally the height(H) is 2.2 — 3.0 meters.Generally, two sensors are installed, one inside and the other outside of the room.
For wiring please refer to the wiring diagram and more rules in details for installation refer to the installation instructions from the sensor manufacturer.

installation of sensor drawing 

Caution: Because wiring voltage of the sensor is different among different manufacturers and models, please don't replace with each other at will!

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