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3 Methods to Repair the Glass Door

Many people now choose glass automatic doors for their houses or shops, because the visibility of the glass door is relatively high, which allows people to see the layout of the room and increase the permeability of the room. The glass door is both transparent and hidden and has a very easy installation that only needs to install the corresponding roller and chute. The glass door switches don’t need to be unlocked. That's why glass doors are so popular now.

But glass is very fragile and extremely difficult to repair. The idiom "broken mirror is difficult to circle" that has been circulating in China shows that it is basically impossible to perfectly repair broken glass. And in addition, the range and frequency of the use of glass doors are becoming larger and higher. When people use glass doors for a long time, there will always be some major or minor faults. Therefore, we can extend the life of glass doors by mastering some glass door maintenance methods.

If there is a problem with the accessories of the glass door, generally the problem is more likely to be in the handle of the glass door, which will fall off or its functions cannot be achieved, and generally only need to correct It can be replaced directly without a professional maintenance person. If there is a problem with the fixed part of the glass door, you need to find a professional maintenance person to repair it.

automatic glass door

If the glass automatic door does not slide normally, you need to check whether there are some impurities in the chute. If so, you need to use the relevant tools to remove the impurities in the chute. Clean it out and see if it can slide properly. If it still does not work, you need to check whether the chute is rusty, which causes sliding difficulties. In this case, you can add some lubricant, lubricating oil to the chute, or remove the rust on the chute.

If there is a problem with the frame of the glass door, this is a large project. The glass needs to be dismantled for repair. Therefore, professional maintenance personnel is usually required.

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