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4 steps to install the electric doors

Before we install the electric door, we should know some installation skills and learn to identify some problems in the installation. When installing the electric door, it is necessary to strictly follow the prescribed steps, otherwise, it may easily cause the wrong operation of the electric door. If you want to install it by yourself, please strictly follow the terms below.

1.Meet the construction site conditions of installation

Before installation, you should go to the construction site to find out whether the site conditions meet the construction requirements. For example: whether the power supply can be turned on, whether the ground is level. Everything should meet the construction conditions before construction begins.

Measure the size of the door opening, and discuss the production requirements with customers. Then produce the construction drawings according to the requirements and submit to customers for approval. Make frames and door leaves according to the drawings (including the skeleton, stainless steel, glass, etc.). Installation and construction can be completed if all the preliminary works are done.


Before installation, the wall must be leveled to avoid bending the track and generating noise. The unevenness of the wall surface should be less than 1.5MM, and the mounting rail can be drilled and fixed on the wall with expansion screws.

Channel steel and angle iron frame can be fixed directly with flat head screws or self-tapping screws while maintaining the same interval. Before installing the track, we should first fill the water with a transparent water pipe, and measure the level at both ends and the middle of the guide rail.

Drill the screw holes of the guide rail, and then temporarily fix the two ends of the guide rail with a screw to the wall or steel structure. After correcting the level, we need to confirm its accuracy and then fix it. Note: The guide rail is generally 25MM above the door body (depending on the model).

The first sensor should be installed on the outer side of the door, usually directly above the door opening. The height depends on the door conditions. Refer to the instructions for wiring. Before installing the electric parts, we should clean the guide rails, and then install the motor, controller, tailwheel, transformer on the track. Put the parts in place, and install the fixing screws.

3.Install the door leaf

Install the movable door leaf. After the door body is installed, make sure that the height between the movable door body and the fixed door body is consistent. Push the movable door body to align with the fixed door body, and then install a belt and a stop plate.

With all the above steps, the installation of the electric door is almost completed. If the automatic door operation is not perfect, you can adjust it according to your needs.

4.Test and adjust the controller

The controller is very sensitive, just press it lightly when adjusting (for specific adjustment, follow the instructions on the panel). If everything is normal, close the cover of the case and install the inner sensor. After the electric door is put into use, there will be a running-in period to correct the error caused by the operation. 

Very few customers want to replace the door leaf after the electric door has been in operation. It should be noted that the weight of the door leaf must be strictly limited, and it must not exceed the rated load of the electric door machine. For electric doors without safety light, personnel must not be allowed to stay in the non-inductive range to avoid a pinch accident.

Improper use may reduce the life of electrical components of electric doors. The wearing parts of electric doors under normal use are guide rails, belts, and pulleys. The dynamic wear of the pulley not only comes from the condition that the pulley moves on the guide rail at a constant speed, but more comes from the short-distance acceleration movement of the automatic sliding door.

Usually, within three months to one year, we should take a comprehensive cleaning and adjustment of the electric door. First, the false fault of the induction electric door refers to the failure phenomenon caused by external factors, not the failure within the door system. If it is a false fault, the user can repair it by himself; if there is a problem with the internal electrical or mechanical parts of the host, we recommend the user to contact the manufacturer, and the manufacturer will troubleshoot and replace the accessories for the user. Each manufacturer has its own dedicated. Most of the products of different manufacturers are not compatible.

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