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4 Tips about how to maintain automatic revolving doors

The automatic revolving door is different from other categories. As a high-tech product, it requires system cleaning. Maintenance personnel should have professional nursing knowledge. The following is a detailed explanation of the daily maintenance of automatic revolving doors.

  1. Maintenance personnel should regularly clean the motor of the automatic door and the dust on the rotating chain and the inner surface of the box. In addition, the maintenance staff also needs to clean the dirt on the buttons and can add some lubricating oil appropriately. This is helpful to the smooth operation of the automatic door machinery.
  2. Make four checks. The first is to check whether the manual switch control box is operating normally; The second is to check whether the components inside the control box are intact; The third is to check whether the slide rail of the revolving door is sliding; The fourth is to check the manual opening and closing of the electric brake to see whether the brake device is normal.
  3. Manually drive the revolving door. Maintenance personnel should manually drive the automatic revolving door to check the operation and adjust the switch position appropriately. This can ensure that the automatic revolving door is opened or closed in a proper position. During the test, maintenance personnel needs to pay special attention to the top or bottom of the retractable door.
  4. Check the debris around the revolving door so that fire center monitors can test the retractable door function on the linkage platform.

If we do a good job in the maintenance of automatic revolving doors, we can reduce the probability of failure and thus extend the service life of the doors.

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