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5 Tips for choosing an automatic sliding door motor

Most people don't know much about sliding door motors. So how should we choose a sliding door motor?

All the automatic sliding door motors are used for automatically door opening and closing, but the internal integration technology is essentially different. In addition, China does not have a unified industry norm in this industry. If the user lacks relevant knowledge, it is difficult to judge the quality of the automatic door opener. What should we pay attention to when buying automatic sliding door motor? Let us tell you the secret about motors.

  1. Motor horsepower. People usually ask: how much the doors weight can be opened by the operator? People always simply think that the bigger the shape of the door opener, the stronger the force. This is unscientific. In fact, the power of the motor is determined by the rotor parameters (diameter, stack thickness) and the magnetic pads of the motor.
  2. Motor waterproof performance. The waterproof performance of the motor is determined by the outlet and the bottom cover seal. The outlet of the OSENT sliding door motor is fully sealed, with a special waterproof treatment, and the bottom cover seal is an oil-resistant rubber seal.
  3. The life of the motor. The materials and manufacturing process of the motor's worm gear, shaft sleeve, reducer volute, rotor support structure, mounting seat and other components determine the motor's life span and its ability to resist bumps and impacts. OSENT sliding door motor worm gear is made of high-performance materials with wear-resistant formula, large modulus, large tooth width and good overall rigidity.

4, Type of automatic door machine. If the traffic is small, the doorway is not large, and the investment budget is small, such as office and office, you can choose ordinary door machines with low prices. This kind of door machines can generally be used without any trouble, but the service life will be relatively short. If the manufacturer has good after-sales service and can provide in-place repair service at any time, you can use it without hesitation.

  1. Compatibility of automatic door machines. The door machine must be compatible and can be retrofitted with accessories. Some automatic door machines have such functions themselves, and areeasy to add accessories, while some door machines do not have this function. Many devices must be equipped to add accessories, which leads to unnecessary expenses.

When you choose the motor for sliding door, you can refer to these knowledge to choose a better motor for yourself.

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