Automatic Pedestrian Door Operator

Automatic door operators are a new easier option for the people to use the door conveniently. These systems are great for people with disabilities too. They come with a remote system so that one can use it without taking the help of others. With high-end technology and modern design, it is now possible to join the automatic door system and access control in one place. You don’t need to compromise with the security when maintaining a beautiful entry place.

In many places, we almost find the doors that open for us automatically as we approach public and commercial premises. Shopping centers, hospitals, offices and most high street stores now tend to specify automatically opening doors in one description or another. It is simply to make life easy for customers to enter the premises. From a commercial point of view, they can help determine pedestrian traffic numbers and also conserve energy.


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 automatic sliding door operator  Automatic swing door opener

Automatic sliding door operator

Automatic swing door operator 


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Reasons to use the door operators

For shopping centers and retail stores using the Pedestrian, Door Operator means customers can enter and leave the shopping malls without the hassle of struggling with a heavy manual door. It helps them to avoid queues and congestion. It encourages easy flowing foot traffic too. It also plays a part in the aesthetics of the store; a sleek door that opens for you give a good impression for a business. They give a smart impression to the visitors so that they can enter your office conveniently.

They are easy to use

Yes, these systems are easy to use. They are designed with new-age smart technology. In the areas where there is high pedestrian traffic, these systems reduce the time of accessing the building.

These systems are versatile and equipped with a lot of functionality:

  • It has advanced electronics
  • Auto set up for the pedestrian opening
  • In-built safety sensors
  • Quiet operation
  • Easy access to a remote system
  • Self-supporting feature
  • Available with different accessories
  • Dedicated frames

Automatic Pedestrian Door Operator is a reliable, durable, robust and long-lasting system. It is more a myth now that because they are powered by electricity that they may not be as reliable as the ordinary door operators.  A professional supplier can help their clients to choose the doors with best safety mechanisms, secure locking features, alarms. When you are buying this from a reliable supplier, you will get the complete regular servicing assurance from them too.


Most of the system comes with safety sensors and activation options. It comes with the shock-absorbing track and specifically designed wheels. The design of the track and wheel ensures a silent and quiet movement of the doors.

It comes equipped with the programming display, control unit, and high-end microprocessor technology. These features help the system to control the other functions automatically and more conveniently. It ensures remote management too.

Automatic Pedestrian Door Operator can operate heavy swing or sliding glass doors automatically. It has the safety sensor and activation so that it can easily detect any person or thing around the door. It halts the door movement as per requirement too.

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