Automatic Sliding Door System SPIDER

  • Model: DSL-200L
  • Fob Price: US $ 450 - 550 / Set
  • Lead Time: 3~15 Days
  • Warranty: 24 Months
  • Shipping: Worldwide by sea or by express delivery

Features of Automatic Sliding Door System SPIDER

  • The microcomputer control unit has self-learning function, the drive unit runs smoothly, safely and reliably; the function is complete and can be adapted to individual needs.
  • When the power is off, the automatic door will hold open and win the escape time. The SPIDER has a motor lock and no additional electric lock is required.
  • The European-style structure, the driving device, the control unit, and the mechanism are installed on the top groove of the guide rail, the slide rail space is larger, the larger pulley runs smoothly and quietly.
  • The automatic door does not close when the safety beam guarantor passes. When the emergency stop switch is pressed in an emergency, the door stops running immediately and the safety is fully guaranteed.
  • Suitable for office buildings, storefronts, banks, restaurants, hotels, shopping centers, laboratories, hospitals, and other places.


Automatic Sliding Door System DSL 200L


Components of Automatic Sliding Door System SPIDER

Included components of the basic set DSL 200L


Automatic Sliding Door System SPIDER is suitable for a single door with a weight of up to 150kg.

 SPIDER  Single Double 
 Max.Weight of Body 200kg 2*180kg
Opening Width 600-1800mm 1000-3000mm
 Opening Speed 200-500mm/s (adjustable)
Clothing Speed 200-500mm/s (adjustable)
 Holding Time 0-9S (adjustable)
Motor Power 65W
Manual Opening  and Closing Force     <40N     
Power supply AC90V~240V 50~60HZ
Operating Temperature -20℃+50℃

Secional view of Automatic Sliding Door System SPIDERsecional view of Automatic Sliding Door System DSL 200L

 pre-purchase Information

1.Type of door: frameless door or framed door

  • For frameless glass doors, you need glass clamps. We have 2 types of glass clamp, short glass clamp, and long glass clamp. It’s an optional accessory.
  • For the framed doors, such as wooden doors and stainless steel doors, you need the aluminum alloy sheets to fix the door and connect with the hanger. 

2.Size of doors

  • Please tell us the width of your door so that we can give you the right size.
  • The length of the aluminum alloy rail can be customized according to the width of your doors. The rail can be cut and each piece can be up to 210cm (max.) in length according to the requirements of air express.

troubleshooting manual
  Reason Inspection
Door body don't move Power is not on Check the power cable, check the power switch
Foreign matters on the rail Turn off the power, push the door by hand to see if the door moves smoothly
Automatic protection Check if there is any obstacle on the way
Door is locked Check if there is an external lock
Door can't be fully opened Half-open mode Check if it's set to half-open modeDoor can't be closed./  Door operates abnormally
Door can't be closed./ Door    operates abnormally Sensor misoperation Check for continuous moving items within the sensing      range
Short-circuit of control signal line Disconnect the signal line and see if it worked
Microwave interference source        around the door Check the microwave interference source
Continuous operation of the safe beam Confirm whether the safe beams are covered by dirt
Confirm whether the safe beams deviate from the right        angle
Door runs not smoothly High running resistance  Check if there are foreign matters on the rail
Check if there is an obstacle on the door body
Inappropriate speed for opening    and closing Check the speed adjustment


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