Automatic Sliding Glass Door for Hotel

Automatic Sliding Glass Door for Hotel is a safe and convenient entrance system. It offers hands-free access, in a hotel, they add decorative and luxury appeals to your hotel too. This is the reason that they have become the best preference for most of the hotel owners. If you run a hotel, these doors offer huge convenience for the customers and they are best for disabled people who wish to stay in the hotel. In most of the hotels, you will now find the sliding glass doors. They work in the electric or infrared mechanism. They close and open automatically as they sense the presence of a person near the door. There is no extra effort needed for the guests of a hotel to open or close the door.

Reason to use the sliding glass door in a hotel

 There are several reasons for using the glass door in a hotel premise:

1. Add more elegance

 The automatic sliding glass doors are not only modern and functional but also add a touch of elegance in a hotel. When used on hotel premises they add aesthetic appeal, especially broad glass panes that are glistening.

2. They are customer friendly

These doors are proved to be quite helpful and advantageous for customers who are disabled and aged. They are also good for the parents, who need to access the hotel premises carrying their babies in their arms or as they bring them in strollers. Even customers with huge luggage can get fast and convenient access to the gate.

3. The doors are cost-efficient

These doors are cost-efficient as they eliminate the pushing and slamming effects of the traditional doors. It can damage from huge disturbances. There is very less contact with the door and it reduces the great damage to the door. It allows the light to come to the hotel premise.

4. Inviting for the customers

As they are automatic, they close and open conveniently in a hotel; Automatic Sliding Glass Door for Hotel is quite appealing for the visitors. Not only that the automatic sliding doors are designed to give professional look to your hotel. They are very inviting and welcoming for the coming guests of a hotel.

5. Bigger in size

They can be double in size than the traditional doors. This is the reason that they are perfect for hotels. They are best for the guests who are carrying a lot of luggage with them. They also can accommodate decoration items like large furniture, Christmas trees, couches, etc very conveniently. Due to the large size, there is very little chance of damage.

6. Transparency and security

Glass is regarded as fragile and brittle, but the automatic sliding glass doors for hotels are made with different materials that are toughened and therefore are quite stronger than the usual safety doors. They keep your hotel premises secure and transparent.  It is difficult for people with bad intentions to attack your hotel premises where they know they will remain visible largely even to passersby.

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