Automatic Sliding Pet Door

An automatic pet door is the most secure and protective door for your pets, especially for your dogs. It helps to keep out the unwanted or strange animals that enter your home and disturb your dog and so your family. Usually, an electric pet door works through radio signals received from a transmitted fixed on your dog's collar. As the pet reaches the electronic pet door, the transmitter passes the signal to the door for it to open and as the pet enters or exits, the electronic pet door automatically re-locks.

Some of the benefits of the electronic pet door

  • It allows the pet to go in and out conveniently and keeps out other animals in their area
  • Allows your dog enough freedom of going out without having to get up to let the pet out
  • It also allows controlling when you need that the pet to stay in, it has remove collar or the lock feature
  • Automatic Sliding Pet Door helps also in protecting against the wind blowing your pet door open because of the automatic sliding pet doors


Automatic Sliding Pet Door

How does it work?

Electronic dog doors also can help in protecting against the heavy wind blowing as your dog door open. These as electronic doors are completely wind-proof. These sliding doors rely mostly on the sensors attached at the collar of the pet.  When the pet is near the door, it can properly sense the collar. It also unlocks immediately so that the pet can enter or go outside the house safely. The infrared sensors of the doors are quite sensitive and they react very fast. Compared to the door flaps, they guarantee also the immediate entry of your loving pet alone. The flaps of the door usually open to wild and it can stray the other animal as it does not have any type of access control.  The automatic sliding door slides up into the frame of the door as the pet approaches and slides back into the place and it locks automatically as the pet inside. It works on the rope and pulley system, so there will be no force as the door comes down.

Some features to look on

Some pet of your house wears a smaller tags wear the small collar that comes with an identification tag. It can be sensed by the door to lock or unlock. There is also the Automatic Sliding Pet Door that made of the fully motorized panels and it goes up and down as the pet draws near the door. It guarantees that the owner of being a raccoon, skunk and also possum free.

Few things to know before buying the door:

First, you need to know where you want to place the sliding pet door. Pet doors can be installed at the patio, garage or porch, window or wall. The design of your pet door will depend on the place where you are to install it.

The pet door design and type will depend also on the type of pet your own and their sizes.

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