Disabled Toilet Automatic Door System

  • Model: DSW100N DZ08
  • Fob Price: US $ 275 - 950 / Set
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  • Warranty: 24 Months
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A disabled toilet automatic door is an automatic door system specially designed for the handicap to access the toilet. Compared with ordinary automatic doors, the difference is its humanized design, which fully considers the ease of use and safety for the disabled. It is reliable and intelligent, It eliminates the internal and external sensors but uses disabled toilet dedicated switch instead.

switch for the disabled

                 Switch for the disabled

1.Easy to operate

1) The disabled toilet switch is designed with a large panel and has braille prompts. It is equipped with voice prompts and bright prompts for easy and convenient operation. You can also set a footswitch at a height of 200mm from the ground to realize the switch linkage;

2) When the disabled toilet automatic door is opened and closed, the indoor lighting and exhaust fan are automatically opened and closed without the need to switch on and off manually.

3) The effective opening width for wheelchair access is at least 800mm, and the maximum width is 1000mm, which ensures easy and fast access to the washroom.

4) The disabled toilet door has an automatic correction function, which can make the door open and close smoothly.


Optional Products

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1) The door will stop and open immediately in case of obstruction. The anti-pinching force is not greater than 100N, and the anti-pinching force can be adjusted according to the actual situation. When encountering an obstacle or an abnormal situation, the door leaf automatically reverses, and advances at a safe speed the next time it approaches the resistance area, avoiding the occurrence of people jamming and damage to the parts, greatly improving the safety of personnel entering and leaving and extend the life of automatic doors;

3.Personalized design

The switch of the disabled toilet automatic door system has “on” and “off” buttons, and there are Braille prompts. Press the "Open" button before entering the door, there is a voice prompt "Open the door", the automatic door opens and at the same time the indoor lighting turns on. After entering the toilet, press the "Close" button, there will be a voice prompt "Close the door", the automatic door will close, and the external "in use" indicator will light up.

In this state, if the external “Open” button is pressed, the voice will prompt “in use” and the automatic door will not open. Press the "Open" button inside the toilet, the automatic door opens, and the indoor lighting is turned off with a delay. The length of the delay can be adjusted according to the actual situation. In case of emergency, the staff can use a special key to open the automatic door forcibly outside. After opening the door with the key, turn the key to the normal use position, and the automatic door returns to the initial normal use state.

1) In case of power failure, the door can be manually opened, and the opening force is not greater than 100N. The door leaf is light and convenient to open, and can be opened and closed freely by women, children, etc., which is safe and reliable;

2) The automatic door system is equipped with two pairs of safety electric eyes. One pair of safety electric eyes is installed at a height of 200mm above the ground, and the other is 1000mm above the ground. It can protect not only children but also adults;

4.Intelligent design

1) Digital control, easy operation and convenient maintenance, to ensure that the automatic door always maintains the best operating state;

2) The opening time and speed of the automatic door can be set by the control system.

3) The disabled toilet automatic door system has a self-learning function, which automatically detects the weight and width of the door and keeps the door in the best operating state according to the detection results;

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