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Do you know what’s the opening signal of automatic doors?

The modern automatic doors can be triggered in various ways.

Foot pedal: A pressure switch is installed under the pedal. Commonly used in hospital operating rooms, etc.

Photoelectric beam: A light beam emitting device and a photoelectric sensing device are disposed in the vicinity of the door.

Pushbutton: Press the button to open the door leaf.

pushbutton switch

In order to prevent theft, special equipment must be installed at the same time. For example, an automatic door for a house should be equipped with an identification device or a television monitor, so that the people outside the house are strictly restricted. The door opening signal of the automatic door is the contact signal. What are the characteristics of different contact signals? The microwaves are a type of electromagnetic radiation, so the reaction speed is fast, and it is suitable for a place where a person with normal walking speed passes. Once the person near the door is stationary and doesn't want to go out, the radar will no longer react, and the door will close and have a protective effect on the door machine.

microwave sensor

The infrared sensor reacts to the presence of the object, and no matter whether the person moves or not, as long as it is within the scanning range of the sensor, it will react and transmit the contact signal. The disadvantage is that the infrared sensor has a slower response rate and is suitable for places where people with slow movements. In addition, if the automatic door receives the contact signal for too long, the controller will consider the signal input system to be in an obstacle. Moreover, if the automatic sliding door is kept open for too long, it will also damage the electrical components. Since microwave radar and infrared sensors do not know whether people close to the automatic door really want to enter the door, there are occasions where they prefer to use the push button switch.

The push button switch can be a contact type button, and the more convenient one is the so-called elbow touch switch. The elbow touch switch is very durable, especially it can be operated with the elbow to avoid the contact with hands. There is also a footswitch, which has the same function, but it has high requirements for waterproofing. And the strength to the pedal is large, which can easily disable the footswitch. There is also a handle with a contact switch that provides a contact signal to the door when the handle is pushed (or pulled in the opposite direction).

Building automation sometimes makes special requests, such as using a separate line of the phone to control the opening of the door. To achieve this, we should just ensure that the signal is a passive contact signal. In some cases, people will ask for antenna remote control. A wireless receiver can be contacted with an automatic door and equipped with a wireless transmitter to meet the requirements.

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