Electric Pocket Door Opener

Doors are utilized everywhere. You can find it in every type of establishment. It has a very important purpose as it protects the folks on the other side. Only those people who have the key can gain access to these doors unless it is intentionally left open. There are different types of doors available, and it is up to a homeowner to choose which one he/she wishes to use. Offices, restaurants, and all kinds of edifices require doors too. When choosing a door, it is important to check the design of your establishment also. It is wise to go with one that complements the beauty and design of your home. We are living in the age of technology and smart designs are everywhere today. We use the smart systems for operating or accessing the doors too. Electric Pocket Door Opener is such a smart option to use in the offices, homes and also at other professional establishments. These types of openers come as a complete kit including the opener with a durable tract, wireless control system, control box, mounting hardware, and compressor fitting. It runs by electricity so it comes with the power supply option too. Pocket door opener also comes with the HD ball bearing.


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 Linear Magnetic Drive Sliding Door  

Linear Magnetic Drive Sliding Door




These types of door openers have a number of features to work on. They come with a unique style so the kit will be hidden in your wall including the hangers and track of the door. It is a slim type door opener. This control system has an option of power supply that ensures safe, secure and smooth operation and it senses any type of obstacle that comes by relaxing the pressure. It is an ideal solution for the automation of sliding doors inside residential places.

Easy to install

Installing a door opener is really a tough task and but with these types of an opener, you are free of this burden. There is no necessity to hire an electrician for installing the system. You can just call a handyman for the purpose. It is quite easy to install and most of the opener kits come with the installation brochures. You can buy the wireless remote opener or can install it with your existing electric system. With the simple option of the switch to an interface, you can use the opener.

Easy to use

Just like the installation process, using the Electric Pocket Door Opener is quite easy. You can use your card, lock, or even remote to control the door. The accessing style will depend completely on the door. These door openers are convenient options for people with disabilities. They can access it easily when they are sitting in their wheelchair.
This is a safe option because it comes with dual verification mode and completely safe for the people to use. They are suitable for glass and wooden doors. When you are installing the system, you don’t need to compromise with the beauty of your door.

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