Electric Sliding Patio Door Opener

Patio doors are equally important like the other parts of our home. There are different types of doors available today for the patio of your home and one of the most convenient and easier ones is the sliding doors. While most of the patio doors are operated manually, these electric doors are the best alternative. In the latest technology, these are just perfect to offer a great look and energy efficiency. They offer a number of benefits to the users.

Great performance

Electric Sliding Patio Door Opener is designed to perform best and to be easy to install the universal product. It can retrofit your free-running, existing patio door. These doors come with the auto slide system and available in a different design. You can plug it to your existing wall plug to have the automatic one. It is a smart addition to your sliding patio door.

There are several benefits of these openers and this is the reason that most of the people are using these doors today.

Secured and safe

These are properly secured options today as you install them by using the safety glass. There are shatterproof safety glasses for use. These are completely safe and secured to be used in homes.

Electric Sliding Patio Door Opener comes with a fully enclosed style and structure that ensures long service and excellent durability. It has an automatic control mode that offers a reliable and stable driving force. It ensures the stable operation of the door.

Great mechanism

There is a microprocessor in the electric board and help the sliding door to work in a reverse style as you touch the obstacles of it. There are different connectors that need to connect to use different options of the system to access the control. You can adjust the closing and opening parameters smartly by the control panel. There is no necessity of using the extra controlling accessory.

Optional Products

 Linear Magnetic Drive Sliding Door  automatic sliding door operator
Linear Magnetic Drive Sliding Door Automatic sliding door operator 

Stable performance

There are the rolling wheels that consist of two different wheels or one. They can easily balance the weight of the teeth belts and makes it convenient to use. These are finely made teeth belt. It can operate low operation or stable noise. This makes the opener to perform a stable sliding operation by creating very low noise.  Look for the roller that is durable and strong enough. People can enter through the gate by accessing the card or by using the remote control. There are different key selectors and it comes with different functions like a push button, touch sensor, foot sensor, etc.


There are also functions like automatic exit, partial close or open, lock and other features.

It comes with the hydraulic rod connectors it makes the opener an easier one to use and it is quite easy to install too. For thermal insulation performance, it comes with extra durability.

When it comes to the look of the sliding door, it looks really good. If you are concerned about the look of your patio, these openers will never harm you. Even the plastic end of the openers gives it a more stylish and beautiful look.  It can go perfect with the glass sliding door.


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