Hermetically Sealed Sliding Doors

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Hermetically Sealed Sliding Doors are suitable for special places that require high air tightness, hygiene and the control of air leakage is critical, such as hospital operating rooms, clean room, infection clinic, surgery area, X-ray rooms, ICU rooms, laboratory, pharmaceutical industry, electronics workshops, etc. OSENT XZ-MH150 adopts unique high-tech technology, has good sealing performance, prevents cross-contamination, and maximizes cleanliness. And it provides added convenience, security, and safety for staff, for people with mobility or sensory impairment. The air-tightness meets the requirements of automatic air-tight door industry-standard JG / T257-2009.



  1. The unique handle design requires less opening force during a power outage.
  2. The operation is smooth and silent, and the sound insulation is good.
  3. Environmentally friendly and energy-saving. The door is sturdy and thick, fast opening and closing, to minimize the air circulation. It can prevent dust from entering the place with cleanliness requirements, and maintain constant humidity and temperature.
  4. The Hermetically Sealed Doors adopts the variable track sealing form to ensure that the door body is tightly combined with the cover when the door is closed to be air-tight.
  5. The microcomputer controller cooperates with the foot sensor and hand sensor switch to trigger the door without touch.
  6. The hermetic sealing sliding doors can prevent radiation. Door panels are available in colors.

Hermetically Sealed Sliding Doors 1


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components of Hermetic Sealing Sliding Doors

Profile of Hermetic Sealing Doors

profile of hermetic sealing Sliding door

Hermetically sealing doors are of high quality, durable, and air seal door systems. It features the hermetic circumferential sealing system. It enjoys outstanding advantages.

The benefits are:

Silent operation

The Hermetically sealing doors motor offers more power in comparison to its small size motor.  It helps a hermetically sealed door to close or open easily. The hermetically sealed doors function silently. At most, there may be a very low noise to gain attention. Thus, it ensures a long-lasting working life.

 Maximum hygiene

The Hermetically sealed doors are in the aluminum frame system with PVDF coating. This helps in cleaning easily without accumulating dust. Electrostatic energy that accumulates on the wings while moving gets discharged permanently. Thus, it is free from dust. The automatic doors assure the liberty of movement in safety and hygiene areas for healthcare workers and patients. It enables them to stay safe from not coming into manual contact with actual doors.

Inside view of Hermetic Sealing Doors

   Single Double 
 Max.Weight of Body 150kg 2*150kg
Opening Width 700-1500mm 1200-3000mm
 Opening and Clothing Speed 100~500mm/s
 Holding Time  0~60s
Motor Power 24V 100W 2300rpm
Manual Opening  and Closing Force <100N
Slow Area Block Rebound ≤250N
Power Input AC90V~240V 50~60HZ
Operating Temperature -20℃+50℃

Super sealed air

There is an advantage in the Hermetically sealing doors, and that is its superb seal rubber strip that is around the door leaf edge band. It sticks closely to the frame of the sealed doors offering a perfect resistance to air loss. The hygienic environments are fit with these hermetically sealed doors so that the external and internal air does not exchange.

Maximum safety

The Hermetically sealing doors motion detectors can be concealed or built within the automation control. They ascertain protection in the doorway and also in the opening of the wings side movement. Thus, accidental impacts that may happen due to unforeseen obstacles are prevented.  

Contamination Control

Viruses and infection get spread through hand contact. It is apparent in the frequently used components of the building, mainly the doors. These doors eliminate touching the door surface and so the risk of contamination is reduced. The automation provides the staff with greater convenience to move patient beds and equipment within the hospital, averting the need to touch or open doors.  Thus, hermetically sealing doors are useful in hygiene-critical areas to offer a smooth function.

 Details of Hermetic Sealing Sliding Doors 1

Details of Hermetic Sealing Sliding Doors 2

Optional Colors

Optional Color of Hermetic Sealing Sliding Doors 1

Applications Scenarios   

application in clean room

application in hospital operating door

application in laboratory

Clean Room 

 Hospital Operating Room

application in chemical plant

Application in food processing plant

Application in pharmaceutical factory

 Chemical Plant

 Food Processing Plant  Pharmaceutical Factory


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