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How does the automatic door work?

The automatic door control system can be connected according to the accessories, such as door opening signals, access control systems, security devices, centralized control, etc.

The opening signal is the trigger of the automatic door opening system.  Microwave radar and infrared sensing systems are commonly used. The microwave sensor can reflect the displacement of objects and make quick responses. If there are people nearby in a stationary state, the radar or infrared device will not reflect. It's energy-saving and has a certain protection on the door machine.

If the automatic door receives signals not quickly, it means the controller has problems with the signal input system. And unreasonable use will also cause certain damage to electrical components. Many people do not know much about the automatic door. On many occasions, they are more willing to press the button, which causes the automatic door to lose its original power, and this will cause considerable losses to the automatic door.

The automatic induction door has high requirements for waterproofing, and the greater the pedal strength, the more easily the footswitch will fail. Therefore, many automatic induction doors will stop opening when they reach a certain position inward. With the improvement of modern automatic induction door technology, more and more devices are integrated into the automatic induction door control system. The performance of automatic induction doors has been greatly improved in recent years.

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