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How to choose a good automatic door?

It is very important to choose the right automatic door. Let's take a look at the selection techniques of automatic doors. Many users have no idea when they choose what kind of automatic door equipment to install. They may directly compare it according to the quotation form provided by each automatic door company. This is a simple but not comprehensive way to choose. So how to choose the automatic door? The most critical factor is the user's requirements for automatic door equipment use and automatic door bearing, as well as the function of the automatic door.

First, according to the application of automatic sensing doors, such as office-building. The flow of people in such places will be dense. If there are many people at the same time, the automatic door is basically in the state of opening. For an office building, you need to consider the life of the automatic door equipment and the safety anti-pinch function of the automatic door. As long as the door has these two functions, it can fully meet the needs of such a place.

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 And you can also equip a security-proof infrared-pair electric eye on the door device. The automatic door opens here in high frequency, so we should consider as much as possible on the safety anti-pinch device.

Second, the service life of automatic sensing doors is also important. There are many brands in the market now.  Many sellers look for automatic door manufacturers to produce for themselves. There are almost no certificates or test certificates documents. About the quality of the products, there are few automatic door brands whose automatic door usage period is more than 5 years. Many domestic automatic door suppliers are over-promoting how many kilograms their automatic door can hold. In fact, they are clear that it is exchanged for the life of the automatic door device. For example, an ordinary automatic door motor can only drive 30KG, and it is hard to carry 50KG objects. How long the load operation can last is a question.

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