Saturday, 28 December 2019 08:38

How to choose an automatic medical door?

Which medical door manufacturer is better, with better quality and bigger brand? Before talking about this, let's first understand what is a medical door, where it’s mainly applicated, and what is its role? Let's take a look at the details of medical doors.

What is a medical door?

Medical doors, also known as hermetic sealing doors, medical airtight doors and hospital push-pull automatic doors, are mainly used in department wards of major hospitals, such as hospital operating rooms, delivery rooms, laboratories, and radiology departments. Generally, these places need to be isolated from the outside world, and medical doors play a very important role here.

Which medical door manufacturer is better?

There are many hermetic sealing door manufacturers in the market, but there are just a few manufacturers with genuine qualifications and brand effects. Medical door manufacturers are generally located in Jiangsu and Zhejiang regions. You can first conduct field inspections to inspect the plant area, production lines, and also inspect which hospital projects the factory has done before. The project case is the best example. It is necessary to be very careful when selecting medical door manufacturers, because this product is used in the medical field and is related to the safety of patients' lives. OSENT is a professional manufacturer in the field of medical door production. It has been deeply cultivated in this field for 10 years. It has done hundreds of hospital projects, including medical door engineering support for major three top-level hospitals. At the same time, OSENT has complete product qualifications and technical certification. OSENT is your best choice.

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