Thursday, 06 February 2020 14:26

How Your Commercial Building Can Benefit from automatic access control system?

One concern that is commonly shared by businesses across the globe is building security. Still, business owners are yet to realize the value or need for access control system. Quite often, business owners do face access issues and would like to opt for better things. It is access control that is termed to be the best available solution.

Why businesses should install access control system?

  • Reduce employee theft: This is one truth that cannot be denied. Unfortunately, there are few scrupulous people who may steal things from their workplace. Studies have revealed 75% of employees to steal at least once from their employers. Although it is not possible to prevent theft completely with access control, it is sure to provide some hindrance. Employees can be prohibited from getting access to the building before and after work hours or outside their shifts.
  • Strangers & others accessing the building without the owner’s knowledge: No owner would like his/her employees, vendors or customers to gain access to the building at any point of time. Various types of unwanted issues may develop due to unmonitored activity within the business premises. There are few frustrated business owners who complain about employees entering the premises during weekends and nights without proper permission. This only causes unwanted issues.
  • Overcome employee negligence: There can be rare occasions, when even the most efficient person may have forgotten to lock the doors. This way, employees, assets and property is only put at risk. Some rely upon their staff’s memory to undertake vital tasks like locking doors during weekends or at night.  This may only hamstring the company’s security efforts.
  • Rekeying doors can be expensive: Any employee fired and not returned back the keys or if keys are lost, then security issues do emerge. In such a case, the doors are to be rekeyed to ensure the safety of the business. Routine door rekeying jobs will only increase expenses of the business. Moreover, redistributing the keys to the correct team members can prove to be a real hassle.
  • Prevent employees from getting locked out: Businesses not implementing access control systems is likely to find employees entering the premises at their own convenience. Some employees might have arrived early, only to find the place locked and someone yet to come to open it. Such issues can be time-consuming and frustrating for the management and the team.
  • Better tracking: The employer might be eager to know who will access the building premises and when. The manager might need to know if the employee is late for work usually. There can also be instances of employee thefts during weekends. This requires the employer to know the employees working during period. With the implementation of access control better data can be availed about where and when people enter the facility and how it is being used.

The above reasons are sufficient enough for commercial building owners and business owners to install automatic access system. This can help increase their productivity and reduce worries.

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