Infrared Beam Sensor

OSENT infrared beam sensor is mounted on the two sides of the automatic sliding door and connected with the controller. It can sense someone passing by and then automatically open the door to ensure the safety of people. The light beam is concentrated without scattering.


  1. Waterproof design. No fear of wind and rain. Glue is applied to the crevices so that rainwater cannot penetrate into the interior.
  2. International optical lens design. Good focus, reasonable control angle, and easy installation.
  3. The microcomputer controller has high system integration, high stability, and strong anti-interference.
  4. Long launch distance and long lens life. Low power consumption and high pulse transmission technology.
  5. Elegant design. Simple installation.


infrared beam sensor 1

 Controller of Beam Sensor

details of beam sensor controller

Single Beam

double beam

Name Infrared Beam Sensor
Power supply AC/DC12~36V
Static Current 25mA
Action Current 40mA
The maximum transmit distance 10m
N.O or N.C contact Done by N.O/N.C contact selection
Beam Single beam or double beam
Operating Temperature -42ºC~45ºC
Operating Humidity 10~90%RH
Dimensions( controller ): 123(L)×50(W)×32(H)mm
Dimensions( magic eye-head ) 19(L)×13(D)mm


Installation Advice

  1. The installation positions on the two sides must be at the same height, and they should face each other as parallel as possible. The sensor heads need to shoot on the same straight line.
  2. Double units are recommended to be installed at a height of 40cm and 90cm from the ground.
  3. The single unit is recommended to be installed at a height of 40cm.

        As shown below

wirING diagram

wire diagram of double beam

wire diagram of single beam

Anti pinch Device for Automatic Door




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