Microwave Sensor for Automatic Door Operators

A microwave sensor is an electronic device that detects motion and can be used to control entrance systems. The microwave radar motion sensor has quick and accurate responses and strong anti-interference ability. The operation will not be affected by height, temperature, humidity, or sunlight. It has a clean appearance and strong performance.

  • ABS fireproof materials.
  • Germany 24.125GHZ induction module.
  • Adjustable sensitivity & detection range.
  • New generation microwave sensor.
  • Intelligent detection and control system.


Osent microwave sensor 2

The microwave sensor is stable and durable. It provides a reliable guarantee for product stability.

Osent microwave sensor 1

The maximum installation height is 4m.

core module of microwave sensor

The detection range can be adjusted via the inductive antenna.

inside view of microwave sensor

Name  Wireless Receiver 
Power supply 12V ∽ 30VAC +/- 10% (50HZ ∽ 60HZ)
Transmission frequency 24.125GHZ
Max. mounting height 4.5m (5m Customizable)
Detection range 4m*2m(At installation height 2.2m)
Max. contact voltage 42V/AC-60V/DC
Max. contact current  1A
Wire length 2.5m
Holding time 0.5 s
Mounting inclination Longitudinal 0°~90°, Horizontal -30°~+30°
Dimension 20(w) * 80(H) * 50(D) mm
Weight 0.21kg

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