Motorized sliding door mechanism

Motorized sliding door mechanism have been gaining popularity with time. There are currently different types of automatic doors available in the market. Often, they are found operating at offices, commercial buildings, retail stores, clinics and public buildings. Users can derive several benefits from using these doors, which includes fast action and ease of operation. During its installation, the benefits derived include enhanced aesthetic looks, increased safety, and efficient management of access within the premises. Although automatic doors can be found in diverse styles, the one that is frequently used are Motorized sliding door mechanism.

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 Linear Magnetic Drive Sliding Door  automatic sliding door operator
Linear Magnetic Drive Sliding Door Automatic sliding door operator 


Reasons for its popularity

  • Derive optimum from narrow doorway space: If there is large number of visitors, then sliding doors having telescopic design are highly effective. The doorway space rather is narrow, since the automatic door’s design allows collective gliding of two doors within the pocket. The sliding panel is divided by the design into two parts and gets folded to one another. This optimizes proper usage of narrow doorways.
  • Supports high traffic volume: This is a good option for buildings witnessing lots of human traffic getting in & out throughout the day. For example, at supermarkets, consumers can enter easily as well as leave the premises. They do not have to use their hands or touch the doors. Wide opening is offered to walk through conveniently. It allows people in huge numbers to use same door comfortably. Being transparent doors, users present on each side is likely to see the other easily. It reduces unnecessary confusion and risks of accidents. Opening such doors also develop wide opening. Users will be able to enter or leave simultaneously the store. With sensors present on both sides of entrance, passage is completely safe and no trapping is caused.
  • Security & Brightness: Sliding doors are created from tough glass. It allows light to enter in plenty within the premises, where the doors are installed. Sensors in the doors to avoid trapping. It is also designed to offer emergency opening if there is power failure. After 4-5 hour period, this arrangement is to be checked. The system allows slipping back of all doors during normal power outage. This provides huge space to allow people to evacuate during emergencies.
  • Architectural Design: Buildings with irregular or unique architectural design can avail the above benefits. For this, it is necessary to install customized sliding automatic door system.
  • Air flow & energy saving: As the door opens and closes very quickly, no significant heat loss is experienced at any point of time. This in turn results in substantial savings especially on utility bills. This is because, temperature remains comfortable for those using same premises. These systems also regulate effectively air flow leaving or entering the premises.

Hence, the above aspects are given clearly show the number of benefits to be derived on installation of Motorized sliding door mechanism. Also, the benefits to avail are instant and can help business owners to enjoy greater productivity.

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