Wednesday, 08 January 2020 07:26

OSENT Automatic Door Opener: Good quality makes a great brand

In recent years, automatic doors have become a necessary decoration for all types of office and office buildings. However, it is a headache that with the hot sales of automatic doors in previous years, the quality problems of automatic doors have also surfaced. The most common problem is that the automatic door motor fails to operate. At the end of 2014, an automatic door quality report from the industry showed that 76% of automatic doors installed for more than three years experienced quality problems. So, what kind of automatic door motor should consumers choose? After investigation, we found in an authoritative website ranking: OSENT automatic door motor sales and praise rates have continued to lead other brands.

As one of the top ten Chinese automatic door brands, OSENT has matured its core technology of automatic door motors. Compared with other brands that are thinking about publicity, OSENT has always focused on how to improve product quality. The CEO of OSENT frankly said that since the brand was established, the quality problems has been basically zero. This year, OSENT has invested a lot of money in product performance optimization. OSENT focuses on strict quality control. Before each component leaves the factory, professional quality inspection personnel are arranged to perform multiple tests to ensure 100% qualified when leaving the factory. The motor of the automatic door has passed one million tests. In order to reassure customers of the quality of OSENT automatic door motors, compared to the 2-year warranty period of other brands, OSENT gives customers a five-year warranty period. For the poor-quality automatic door motors, customers can replace one batch in five years. Therefore, in the industry, the quality of OSENT automatic door motors is always well-known, and there is no need for excessive publicity.

The reporter found that the high sales of OSENT automatic door motors, in addition to strict quality control, also has one point, which is that the installation is very simple. There are a total of twelve parts including the manual. Customers can assemble it according to the manual after purchase. Even the inexperienced customer can quickly assemble it. For ordinary customers, buying another brand may require an electrician to toss in the manual for a whole day, and the OSENT automatic door motor saves customers a lot of time. At the same time, the price of OSENT is also more affordable compared with other brands of the same grade. In addition, the subsequent maintenance costs are also less, so the interviewed customers' evaluation of the OSENT automatic door motor is mostly "high cost performance and very worth buying."

The development of the domestic automatic door industry is now in full swing, and new brands are constantly emerging. However, OSENT companies are still focused on studying core technologies and focusing on improving product quality. As the company official said, "Only good quality can make a great brand. "

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