Tuesday, 07 January 2020 07:59

Automatic Door Opening System

OSENT Automatic door Opening System is a sliding door with comprehensive functions and stable performance. At the same time, it is also a product that can be quickly customized. How safe is such a cost-effective product?

First, we can check the product quality from the aspect of product hardware.

  1. The track thickness is more stable than that of similar brands.
  2. The durability of the belt is far better than others. The Automatic door Opening System has a long service life and a lower wear rate of accessories.
  3. The return pulley can adjust the tightness of the belt to prevent the belt from slackening and avoid potential safety hazards.

Second, additional accessories

 The automatic door is equipped with a full range of safety functions through accessories to improve the safety of the door.

  1. Automatic door bounce function: when the resistance is greater than the set value, the door body will automatically slide in the reverse direction to ensure the safety of pedestrians. When the automatic door body approaches the resistance point again, it will slow down to ensure safety.
  2. The automatic door comes with a safety TEST port: real-time monitoring of the safety sensor to ensure that the sensor is in a normal working state.
  3. Microwave radar sensor: the sensor can be installed on the automatic door. During the door opening process, if a pedestrian is standing in the sensing area, the system will automatically reduce the door opening speed and slowly open the door.

Third, the alarm function of automatic doors

The Automatic Door Opening System has a fire alarm function and has a feedback output port. When the building encounters an emergency, an alarm can be triggered, and the automatic door remains open for evacuation. And it also has an alarm function for illegal door opening. If an unauthorized person illegally opens the door, the system will automatically trigger an alarm function.

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