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Commercial Automatic Sliding door HH200B


The HH200B is a heavy-duty type commercial automatic sliding door opener that can drive the door weight up to 300kg per leaf. The HH200B automatic door opener received ISO 9001:2008 certification and CE certification for its high standard of quality and performance.


  • Intelligent control system. various parameters can be flexibly adjusted by manual or remote control according to the selected controller. The low-noise power unit, motor, worm gear and reducer integrated.
  • It has a modern design, applies high-power brushless motor and new mechanical components that are trusted by the world. The hanging parts are made of imported high-strength nylon, and the load capacity of the unit reaches 2 x 250Kg.
  • The electric lock function is safe and reliable.
  • The control unit can be connected with the building the fire center. when fire, the door can behold open or hold closed for safety.
  • It is suitable for all kinds of large-channel, commercial places, such as office buildings, storefronts, banks, restaurants, hotels, shopping centers, laboratories, hospitals, and other places. It runs smoothly, and it's easy to install and easy to maintain.

heavy duty sliding door operator xz 200

 product details

The OSENT HH200B sliding door opener has an intelligent microcomputer controller that controls various functions and motion modes, a powerful motor that offers the quiet and stable operation, a new and modern design that allows easy installation and set-up, and effortless maintenance.

The microcomputer controller accepts an input voltage range of 100V-240VAC, so it can work in most countries without an extra transformer.

The microcomputer controller has self-learning ability, so the parameters can be automatically adjusted by the controller without manual programming. You can also manually adjust the parameters to customize the system.

The controller can connect with various triggers, such as a microwave sensor, pushbutton, or wireless remote. The powerful CPU in the controller can handle various tasks quickly. 

heavy duty controller


The Brushless DC motor of  heavy-duty commercial sliding door opener HH200B is stronger and powerful. And It is more durable and quieter than a brush motor. High strength gear drives the tooth belt with 100% transmission efficiency.

The fully sealed structure ensures no oil leakage. An overload protection system can easily handle high-frequency operation and protect the motor from malfunction.round motor of sliding door operator

High strength aluminum alloy rail is strong and wear-resistant. The length of the aluminum alloy rail can be customized according to the width of your doors.

track of sliding door operator


Component details of heavy duty sliding door operator


 Components Position in the Guide Rail

heavy duty sliding door opener whole set

optional accessories


Video 1: How to install the heavy-duty automatic sliding door opener? - OSENT Installation Guide



The Commercial Automatic Sliding door DSH-250 is suitable for a single door with a weight of up to 180kg. And the motor power is 80W.

DSH-250  Single Double 
 Max.Weight of Body 250kg 2*200kg
Opening Width 1000-2800mm 1800-3800mm
 Opening and Clothing Speed 200-460mm/s (adjustable)
 Hold Time 1-9S (adjustable)
Motor Power <100W
Manual Opening  and Closing Force <100N
Power Input AC90V~240V 50~60HZ
Operating Temperature -20℃+50℃

Benefits of Commercial Automatic Sliding Doors

1. Customers choice

Commercial automatic sliding doors have become customers choice. It is noted that researches look for commercial buildings having automatic doors. This is expected especially in important places such as:

  • Airports
  • Hospitals
  • Retail stores
  • Hotels
  • Shopping malls

Customers also wished to have automatic doors at the post offices.

2. Convenience

The commercial places are where people frequent and to not open a heavy manual door will be highly appreciated, especially if they are with parcels or toting children. If they have accessibility challenges, expecting automatic sliding doors is high.  The convenience of the automatic sliding doors is not for the disabled alone, it is of immense use to the able-bodies, as well.

3. Improved public perception

The presence of commercial automatic sliding doors presents you as the leader in your niche-industry. It creates a perception that you justify for higher prices for your service and products as your business state-of-the-art is customer-centered.

4. ADA Compliance

The ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) expect businesses to install automatic doors to ensure ADA compliance. Thus, this cumbersome process of manual doors is not more a hindrance to disabled people. The automatic doors offer convenient access, regardless of your ability or age, besides being safe.

5. Ease of Maintenance

These automatic sliding doors are technologically sophisticated meeting high safety standards. A regular maintenance and proper installation are enough to keep the daily operation going on.

6. Energy Savings

Commercial automatic sliding doors will save you on energy consumption. These doors open and close automatically every time, thus the wasted energy is reduced, thereby lowers cooling and heating costs.

7. Cost-Benefit Relationship

The relationship of cost and benefit is stunning as automatic doors are economical. The energy savings and life-cycle numbers are found to be crunching lower. Installation of automatic doors are its correct maintenance is in itself a big benefit for the commercial


1.Type of door: frameless door or framed door

  • For frameless glass doors, you need a glass clamp. We have 2 types of glass clamp, short glass clamp, and long glass clamp. It’s an optional accessory.
  • For the framed doors, such as a wooden door and stainless steel door, you need the aluminum alloy sheets to fix the door and connect with the hanger. 

2.The size of the doors

  • Please tell us the width of your door so that we can give you the right size.
  • The length of the aluminum alloy rail can be customized according to the width of your doors. The rail can be cut and each piece can be up to 210cm (max.) in length according to the requirements of air express.

troubleshooting manual
  Reason Inspection
Door bodys don't move Power is not on Check the power cable, check the power switch
Foreign matters on the rail Turn off the power, push the door by hand to see if the door moves smoothly
Automatic protection Check if there is any obstacle on the way
Door is locked Check if there is an external lock
Door can't be fully opened Half-open mode Check if it's set to half-open modeDoor can't be closed./  Door operates abnormally
Door can't be closed./ Door    operates abnormally Sensor misoperation Check for continuous moving items within the sensing      range
Short-circuit of control signal line Disconnect the signal line and see if it worked
Microwave interference source        around the door Check the microwave interference source
Continuous operation of the safe beam Confirm whether the safe beams are covered by dirt
Confirm whether the safe beams deviate from the right        angle
Door runs not smoothly High running resistance  Check if there are foreign matters on the rail
Check if there is an obstacle on the door body
Inappropriate speed for opening    and closing Check the speed adjustment

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