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Automatic Swing Door Opener and Closer DSW85

Product Feature

  • The DSW85 is an intelligent automatic door opener that is elegant in design and has self-monitoring. It can pull and push  swing doors weight up to 400 kg for single door which is 0.7meter(width). 
  • The microprocessor provides precise position control and speed control, resulting in the optimal motion mode to control the movement path of each door.
  • In the event of a power failure, the unit will start closing automatically with the spring force.
  • According to the actual application, pull-arm and push-arm mounting are available. Particularly suitable for use in conjunction with fire doors.

One set electric swing door opener includes: door operator, 2arm, 2 remotes, 2 push buttons,1 hand programmer. 

whole Set of Automatic Swing Door Opener and Closer DSW85


Microcomputer Controller
The microcomputer controller measures the current position, speed, and final position of the door, through accurate calculation,  the optimal movement mode is obtained to control the movement path of each door. This also avoids emergency braking and stall at the end stop. And according to the width of the door, the spring control force required for smooth opening when the power is off can be set, and the limit control of the remaining force also enhances its safety.

Internal structure of Automatic swing door opener DSW85


Toggle the multi-function switch to keep the door in the required state

  • Lock 
    The sensor signal is invalid, and the electric lock is automatically locked, but the access control signal is valid
  • Automatic
    All of the input signals are valid
  • Keep open
    Automatic door keeps fully open 

Multi function switch of automatic swing door opener dsw85


In the event of a power failure, the unit will start closing automatically with the spring force. Thus it is particularly suitable for fire doors, it can be used as a fire door closer, more safety and reliable.

automatic fire door closer

Technical Specification

Door form single door relationship between door weight and door width
Carrying width/weight 0.7meter/ 400kg
Power Consumption 100W (MAX)
 Opening and Clothing Speed  3~7s (adjustable)
 Holding Time  0.5~30s  (adjustable)
 Power Input AC220V ± 10%, 50/60Hz
Product Size 610×128×88 (mm)
Drive arm push arm / pull arm

The Benefits of Automatic Swing Door Closer DSW85

Automatic door closers create a lot of advantages for properties and buildings. It ranges from residential premises to businesses.  The benefits are:

Fire safety

The key feature of the automatic swing door closer is that it ensures fire safety. The prime function is that it restricts fire from spreading to other parts of the building.  Thus, it helps in saving the residential property and also the trapped family members. It is crucial every bit in a commercial environment as well to protect the business other parts from getting caught up in the fire causing extensive damage.

Energy performance

The installation of an automatic swing door closer is enhanced energy performance. This feature attempts to lower operating expenses. Automatic door closers enable businesses to stay protected against customers exiting or entering the business premises, leaving the doors open. The swing door closers do not keep the doors open for a longer time, and it shuts if not used. Thus, the heating and cooling conditions inside are maintained, thereby energy is saved.

Easy accessibility

Automatic swing door closers are fitted in conjunction to create easy access to public or commercial property.  Installing the automatic door closers means you are spreading increased safety defenses. The disabled, impaired, or seniors having difficulty in pushing the doors manually, find the automatic swing doors comfortable.


The constraint of space is not new, and the installation of automatic swing door closers ensures space-saving. This option of saving space makes it ideal to operate businesses in small locations. These automatic doors do not take much space. While opening or closing, the available space extends and comes back to the original position. Thus, maximum use can be done form the space available.


Security is another important feature. It facilitates the management of security with ease. The security personnel can control the automatic swing doors remotely. They can offer access or deactivate the door, if necessary. It is possible as the automatic doors feature a locking system as a method of increasing security, and thus you are assured of being safer. It is a solution that fits all the business needs.


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