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Automatic swing door opener SW100slim


The SW100slim is a new upgraded transformer-less drive that offers a wider range of supply power voltages. It is a surface mount automatic swing door opener that provides convenient access for all the people. It can be quickly connected to the existing normal doors effortlessly and widely used in residential and commercial buildings. It can help the disabled to access without barriers. The SW100slim automatic swing opener received ISO 9001:2008 certification and CE certification for its high standard of quality and performance.

  1. Door weight up to 100kg per
  2. Intelligent controller.
  3. Brushless DC Motor.
  4. For doors that swing-in or swing-out.
  5. High security


Automatic swing door openers provide extensive convenience and help the disabled or the elderly to access without barriers. It can accommodate various applications with the help of optional functions. The door system can be easily opened by pushbutton, wireless remote, or access control system. The convenience and safety offered by the automatic door system can make life easier and more comfortable.

  • Easy installation and effortless maintenance.
  • Can be integrated with the access control system.
  • Can Stop and reverse to avoid injury when an obstacle is detected.
  • Can be installed in your home and public places.
  • The Silent and stable operation makes you feel comfortable.


swing door opener 1


The automatic swing door opener DSW-100N has a High-strength aluminum alloy shell which is abrasion and corrosion-resistant.

Aluminum alloy Shell swing door opener

The new integrated microcomputer controller will never cause the motor burnout caused by unstable voltage,it has more stable performance.
Debugging the code can be done only once, there is no need to repeat debugging like the old model.
The automatic swing door opener DSW-100N will automatically open and close the door when the power is off, it is safer in case of an emergency.

   new features of Automatic swing door opener DSW 100N


swing door operator microcomputer Controller


Internal Structure of Automatic Swing Door 0pener DSW-100N

Internal structure of Automatic swing door opener DSW 100N


The remote controller uses a stainless steel panel with a protective cover and key chain.

swing door opener remote control

product showcase video


installation video


Door form single door relationship between door weight and door width
 Max.Weight of Body  100kg
Door Width ≤1200mm
 Opening and Clothing Speed  3~7s (adjustable)
 Holding Time  1~30s  (adjustable)
 Power Input  AC220V/110V , 50/60Hz
Product Size 540×95×82 (mm)
Product weight 6.5kg
Drive arm push arm / pull arm

installation diagram of swing door opener



swing door operator 

 swing door opener projects

The automatic swing door opener is widely used in residential and high traffic commercial buildings, such as bank, hospital, office, washroom, supermarket, meeting room door, the entrance of the administrative institution and some other public service area.
swing door opener projects


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