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Heavy Duty Sliding Door Opener HH350


The HH-350 is the heavy type automatic sliding door opener that can drive the door up to 400kg per leaf, 2*350kg double-leaf in weight. Its high strength aluminum alloy rail is strong and wear-resistant with a superhard oxide film on the surface. The unique structure of the system offers excellence in load capacity and daily running.

  1. Load capacity: single-leaf 400kg, double-leaf 2*350kg.
  2. High strength aluminum structure.
  3. Powerful motor.
  4. IOS:9001 and CE certificated.


  • Intelligent control system, various functions and parameters can be adjusted manually or remotely.
  • The remote control has power-off memory function for each function setting.
  • Advanced brushless motor with high-efficiency, large torque and long life. The low-noise power unit, motor, worm gear and reducer integrated.
  • Double anti-off wheels to effectively prevent derailment. The unique electric lock function is safe and reliable;
  • the double door interlock function always has a door that remains closed.
  • Applicable to airports, hospitals, office buildings, stations, banks, factories, hotels, shopping centers, hotels, office buildings, financial institutions and high-end residential and other places.
 product details

The microcomputer controller accepts an input voltage range of 100V-240VAC, so it can work in most countries without an extra transformer.

The microcomputer controller has self-learning ability, so the parameters can be automatically adjusted by the controller without manual programming. You can also manually adjust the parameters to customize the system.

The controller can connect with various triggers, such as a microwave sensor, pushbutton, or wireless remote. The powerful CPU in the controller can handle various tasks quickly.

controller of heavy duty sliding door operator


The round brushless DC motor of Heavy Duty Sliding Door Opener HH-350 is stronger and more powerful. It is more durable and quieter than the brush motor. High strength gear drives the tooth-belt with 100% transmission efficiency.

The fully sealed structure ensures no oil leakage. The overload protection system can easily handle high-frequency operation and protect the motor from malfunction.

round motor of Heavy Duty Sliding Door Opener DSH-350




Included Components of the Basic Set HH-350

Included components of the basic set DSH 350

optional accessories



The Heavy Duty Sliding Door Opener HH-350 is suitable for a single door with a weight of up to 350kg. The motor power is 150W.

HH-350  Single Double 
 Max.Weight of Body 400kg 2×350kg
Opening Width 1000-2800mm 1800-3800mm
 Opening and Clothing Speed 100-230mm/s (adjustable) 100-230mm/s (adjustable)
 Hold Time 1-9S (adjustable)
Power supply AC220V ± 10%, 50/60Hz
Motor Power <150W
Manual Opening  and Closing Force <100N
Operating Temperature -20℃+50℃
Sectional view of Heavy Duty Sliding Door Opener HH-350

Sectional view of Heavy Duty Sliding Door Opener DSH 350


1.Type of door: frameless door or framed door

  • For frameless glass doors, you need glass clamps. We have 2 types of glass clamps, short glass clamp, and long glass clamp. It’s an optional accessory.
  • For the framed doors, such as wooden doors and stainless steel doors, you need the aluminum alloy sheets to fix the door and connect with the hanger. 

2.The size of the door

  • Please tell us the width of your door so that we can give you the right size.
  • The length of the aluminum alloy rail can be customized according to the width of your doors. The rail can be cut and each piece can be up to 210cm (max.) in length according to the requirements of air express.

troubleshooting manual
  Reason Inspection
Door body don't move Power is not on Check the power cable, check the power switch
Foreign matters on the rail Turn off the power, push the door by hand to see if the door moves smoothly
Automatic protection Check if there is any obstacle on the way
Door is locked Check if there is an external lock
Door can't be fully opened Half-open mode Check if it's set to half-open modeDoor can't be closed./  Door operates abnormally
Door can't be closed./ Door    operates abnormally Sensor misoperation Check for continuous moving items within the sensing      range
Short-circuit of control signal line Disconnect the signal line and see if it worked
Microwave interference source        around the door Check the microwave interference source
Continuous operation of the safe beam Confirm whether the safe beams are covered by dirt
Confirm whether the safe beams deviate from the right        angle
Door runs not smoothly High running resistance  Check if there are foreign matters on the rail
Check if there is an obstacle on the door body
Inappropriate speed for opening    and closing Check the speed adjustment


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Heavy Duty Swing Door Operator SW500


The SW500 is a powerful surface mount automatic swing door opener that can pull and push heavy swing doors weight up to 500 kg for single door which is 0.7 meter(width). With a high standard of security, the door will stop and open immediately to ensure safety when encountering an obstacle. The SW500 automatic door opener received ISO 9001:2008 certification and CE certification

Product Features:

  1. The SW500 is a heavy-duty swing door opener that can pull and push heavy swing doors weight up to 350 kg for single door which is 0.7 meter(width). The unit is easy to install and maintain.
  2. The unit is elegant in design, and it has a big loading force; The end spline teeth and square tenon have perfect cooperation which makes the door bodies run quietly and smoothly.
  3. In case of obstacles during operation, the door will stop or open in the opposite direction.
  4. SW500 unit can be equipped with sensors, wireless press buttons, password card readers, soft-touch switches, infrared hand sensors and other ways to open the door.
  5. According to the actual application, pull-arm and push-arm mounting are available.
  6. It can be used with an electric lock, which offers an outstanding level of safety, even if there is strong wind outdoors.

heavy duty swing door opener


Internal structure of Automatic swing door opener SW500

Internal structure of Automatic swing door opener DSW165 2

The brushless DC motor is made of aluminum alloy material, strong and sturdy. It has a sealed structure and no oil leakage. Overload protection can easily handle high-frequency operation.

Internal structure of Automatic swing door opener DSW165


product showcase video


installation video


SW500   relationship between door weight and door width dsw165
 Max.Weight of Door Body  350kg
Opening Angle 80~100°
 Opening and Clothing Speed  3~7s (adjustable)
 Holding Time  0.5~30s (adjustable)
 Power Input AC220V ± 10%, 50/60Hz
Power Consumption 100W (MAX)
Product Size 610*128*88mm
Drive arm pull arm / push arm
Ambient Temperature -20~+45℃ 


Drawing of Inswing and Outswing Opening Way
inswing and outswing installation

The SW500 heavy duty swing door operator is suitable for single leaf or double leaf. 

swing door operator

Heavy duty swing door operator size

 heavy duty swing door operator product size

 swing door opener projects

The automatic swing door opener is robust and durable, widely used in applications requiring heavy doors, such as residential and high traffic commercial buildings, banks, hospitals, office, washrooms, supermarkets, meeting room doors, the entrance of the administrative institution and some other public service area.
swing door opener projects

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