Telescopic Sliding Door Operator

  • Model: DBS50
  • Fob Price: US $ 780 - 980 / Set
  • Lead Time: 3~15 Days
  • Warranty: 24 Months
  • Shipping: Worldwide by sea or by express delivery


The DBS50 Automatic telescopic sliding door operator is suitable for the application that needs a wide opening and offers a great benefit when space is limited. It is a double rail door system. All the door leaves are driven at the same time. It has great performance with a clean and elegant design.

  1. IOS:9001 and CE certificated.
  2. Wide door opening.
  3. High standard of safety.
  4. Quick installation, easy maintenance.


-The telescopic door leaves are driven by the tooth belt with stable operation.

-The microcomputer controller is highly intelligent that the parameters can be automatically adjusted to the best status. It can also adapt the system to different door leaf weight without manual programming.

- High strength aluminum alloy rail is strong and durable. It can be easily installed.

- High-quality rubber strips are embedded on the rail, which can absorb vibration and noise during operation, and the doors run quietly.

- The telescopic sliding door will stop and return from an obstacle to ensure safety.

Telescopic Sliding Door Operator


Components of Telescopic Sliding Door Operator

Components of Telescopic Sliding Door Operator

Note: Rail A and A's accessories need to be confirmed before Rail B can be installed.

1. Firstly install all parts of track A, and adjust the position of components and door body.

2. Install all parts of track B, and adjust the position of components and door body.


Optional Accessories
optional accessories 

 video on youtube

  2-Leaf 4-Leaf
 Max.Weight of Body 2*150kg 4*120kg
Opening Width 1200-2700mm 3900mm
 Opening and Clothing Speed 100~550mm/s
 Holding Time  0~60s
Motor Power 24V 100W 2300rpm
Manual Opening  and Closing Force <100N
Rollback Time ≤1s
Power Input AC90V~240V 50~60HZ
Operating Temperature -20℃+50℃


Side View of Telescopic Sliding Door Operator

Side View of Telescopic Sliding Door Operator 1

Rail of Telescopic Sliding Door Operator


Drawing of Telescopic Sliding Door Operator

Profile of Telescopic Sliding Door Operator


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