Saturday, 14 December 2019 10:01

The advantage of Magnetic Levitation Sliding Door

  • Safety. The magnetic levitation drives the door with a flexible non-contact magnetic force. when the Magnetic Levitation Sliding Door is running, a small obstacle can reverse the door. And if the gearbox of the normal sliding door broke down, there is a risk of injury.
  • Reliable stability. due to the gap between the door and the magnetic levitation motor without any friction and wear, it becomes a pure electronic drive and therefore highly reliable.
  • Silence. there will be no noise due to no friction.

Magnetic Levitation Sliding Door in meetingroom                                                                              Application in the meeting room

Magnetic Levitation Sliding Door in kitchen                                                                             Application in the meeting room

Magnetic Levitation Sliding Door in washroom

                                                                            Application in washroom

The mechanical structure is small enough compared to the normal type. It is impossible to use a large-volume door machine driven by a conventional motor due to limited space. The magnetic levitation system can be hidden in the upper rail of the sliding door.

The service life. the magnetic levitation drive is a pure electronic drive without any wear and tear, so it can easily achieve thousands of runs.

In the case of power failure, the door leaf driven by magnetic levitation is not different from the pushing force of the manual sliding door in the case of a power failure and it is easy and natural. But the conventional gear is not that easy to push when the power is cut off.

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