Wednesday, 01 January 2020 08:12

The automatic door motor does not run. How to solve it?

The motor is the main component to control the movement of the automatic door. And the failure of the electric door is generally caused by the motor. Let's tell everyone how to repair it.

Symptom: If the motor does not rotate, but the indicator of the controller is on, and when you pressed the button on the remote control, the light on the controller will flash.

Cause of failure: The clutch device of the motor is not open, so the motor can’t drive the chain due to idling.

Solution: Fully open the clutch of the motor. The position of the clutch is a recessed hexagonal groove at the end of the shaft that is tied to the chain at the end of the motor. Insert the clutch key and turn it 180 degrees clockwise. At this time, pressing the button of remote control once, the motor will no longer idling, but follows the chain to drive the door.

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