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What are the automatic medical door classifications?

What are the classifications of automatic medical doors? 

The medical door is a kind of hermetic door. For the decoration of the building, the hospital is very special, both in terms of decorative materials and doors and windows need to meet the relevant requirements. Medical doors have different application places, including clean rooms, clean corridors, operating rooms, wards, laboratory and so on. Because the environmental requirements of each room are different, many details need to be paid attention to in the process of selecting medical doors. From this perspective, it is necessary to analyze and select the classification.

autoamtic medical doors

At present, the sales volume of medical push-pull automatic doors is the largest in the market. The medical door processing technology is relatively special and can be installed in each of the above areas. Only after seeing the classifications can we achieve a more safe and healthy effect during the installation process.

With more and more classifications in recent years, there are many differences in materials or processing technology. In the process of hospital decoration, it is necessary to choose the appropriate medical door according to the relevant requirements of the hospital, which is a guarantee for the health of patients.

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