Wednesday, 27 November 2019 07:38

What are the types of automatic door openers? What kind of door are they suitable for?

OSENT introduces you to the different types of door openers, making it easier to understand the door opener.

Curved arm door opener:curved arm suitable for wide columns, automatic controller and built-in limit switch, symmetrical, compact design, manual unlocking of wide-body post mounting bracket during power off, no maintenance, rotation Up to 30cm

An underground door opener, or a hidden door opener, is buried underground. This is the most notable feature of the underground door opener.

The sliding door operator has two major categories of AC and DC. The sliding door operator has beautiful appearance, large starting torque, stable and reliable operation, and ultra-low-pressure operation. 180V can work normally. The motor is equipped with an overload protector to ensure that the non-burning winding has a fast clutch. The whole machine runs smoothly, the machine has no inertia and the limit is accurate. There is a fast clutch in the motor of the sliding door machine. When the power is off, the door can be pushed by humans by using the special clutch handle (100° clockwise).

Folding door motor:especially suitable for large folding doors with upper rails. It is used to automatically control the two-fold door, only need to be fixed on one of the fans, and a folding door machine can control the switch of the two-fold door. The electric folding door machine has the advantages of unrestricted door travel, large thrust, smooth movement, and extremely simple installation. It is suitable for the automatic opening and closing of folding doors such as various warehouses, workshops, and row stores.

The pedestrian access door opener is carefully designed. It has been widely used in a variety of high-level residential, community, institutions, schools and so on. This automatic door operator is one of the most complete products at present, with less noise, large torque, stable operation, safe use, and extremely simple installation and debugging.

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