Thursday, 12 March 2020 03:34

What is a Linear Magnetic Drive Sliding Door?

A Linear magnetic drive sliding door is a technology in an automatic magnetic sliding door opener. It is ideal for any residential or commercial modern interior. The innovative magnetic technology ascertains the system is reliable, safe, needs less maintenance and makes low noise. It is designed for people using wheelchairs and can also be of use to mothers, elderly, or people pushing strollers.

Salient features

A Linear magnetic drive sliding door has salient features such as:

  • Push & Go: Pushing the door lightly for 2cm in the open direction is enough. With linear magnetic drive sliding door, the operator can silently open the door. Handling it gently is possible and so it is ideal for both, health care applications and domestic use.
  • Quiet and smooth opening and closing: The driving force is the linear magnetic levitation. It helps to achieve an exceptionally smooth and high degree of operation.
  • Emergency use: The door can be opened without resistance, in case there is power failure.
  • Safety: There is constant monitoring of the linear magnetic drive regarding the door position and the speed. Thus, the children as well as the seniors are in safe condition.
  • ADA compliant: It offers barrier-free automated access assuring user convenience.
  • Safe return function: The linear magnetic drive sliding door ensures excellent return function as it detects the door speed as the obstacle or a human body touches the door. Thus, the door has reverse movement, ensuring safe return function.


The linear magnetic drive sliding door features less maintenance making it suitable for areas that are noise sensitive and are prone to dust such as Hospitals, Hotels, Schools, Laboratory, Home use, and Offices. Magnetic drive automatic linear mechanism is useful for the residential entrance, living room, building entrance, sanitary rooms, shopping malls entrance, clinics, conference rooms, toilets, prefabricated cold storage, and so on.


Linear magnetic drive door facilitates setting to full-open mode, assist mode, and anywhere stop function. This is because it has all the settings set automatically.

  • In the full-open mode, this door can be pushed manually to stay completely open. But the moment it is moved 2cm forward, the door will close automatically.
  • In the half-open mode, the push & go features bring it to its position.

The transmission is reliable as it is advanced using the linear magnetic drive. The electromagnetic door is more advanced offering a high quality of life for the owners meeting their requirements.

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