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What is the difference between an automatic swing door and an automatic sliding door?

The living quality has improved now, and the automatic door is highly popular. Both the automatic swing door and the automatic sliding doors have the highest rate of utilization. It is useful for various entrances. However, the entire system should be made based on actual need, though the restrictions and requirements are different based on the installation.

Differences between automatic swing door and automatic sliding door

  • The Automatic swing door opens the same way as we are using it daily. It is easy to install like any manually opened swing door. Thus, there is no need to retrofit or to make changes or upgrade if the swing door mechanism is top-mounted. It is convenient to install in a renovation project or the new construction projects.
  • The Automatic sliding door refers to the door movement and its direction. A person passes vertically through an automatic sliding door. The opening is convenient, and people are not affected by door interference. The width of the passage is its weakness and will be limited, such that you cannot use the space.

Whether it is compliance, convenience or cost savings, more facilities upgrade with automatic door systems. The consumers also find it valuable to see the automatic swing doors or sliding doors in commercial buildings to shopping malls, hotels to airports.

Automatic Swing door Pros and cons

  • Opens with an inward or outward motion.
  • Commonly found in apartments, office towers, schools, shopping centers, and condo buildings
  • Easy to recognize the presence of a swing door as a push-plate switch is nearby.
  • It is reliable, offers safe performance and is energy-efficient.
  • Some doors are a combination of automatic and manual functioning. This versatility prolongs the components of life and reduces energy consumption.


It is typically ideals only for one-way traffic


Automatic swing doors a few characteristics

It is operable with a push plate. However, the sensors can be of use. It is available in low-energy models to ensure efficient operation.  It is suitable for exterior and interior use, high-traffic entrances, handles heavy doors, and available as pair or a single door. It features surface-mount.

Automatic Sliding Doors Pros and Cons

  • Use of sensor technology
  • Access is more convenient, freeing up more space
  • Found helpful in hospitals and sensitive areas
  • Hands-free access prioritized
  • A subtler, sleeker appearance


It cannot be functional anytime without sensors.



Automatic Sliding Doors few characteristics

Ideal for two-way traffic. The design is sleeker, suitable for interior and exterior use requires extensive work to transform into sliding from swing system. Available as bi-part and single-side packages. Surface-mount is the most popular configuration.

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