Friday, 20 December 2019 13:58

Why automatic doors are widely used in convenience stores?

In our daily lives, automatic doors are most widely used in office buildings and convenience stores. We mainly see the application of inductive automatic doors in convenience stores, such as FamilyMart, 711, etc. Why do these convenience stores like automatic doors so much? There are several reasons.

automatic sliding door in familymart

The use of automatic doors can make the convenience store more modern and stylish. An automatic sensing door, without the need to pull manually, can make the elderly and children more convenient. It is also very convenient with an automatic door if the user has carried a lot of things.

Convenience stores are relatively small in space, so they can have better light transmittance with automatic doors and space seems bigger. Seeing the convenience store lights from a distance in the dark, we will feel safer in mind.

Because the air conditioner of the convenience store is relatively large, it is necessary to rely on the automatic door to maintain the door be often closed. If there is no automatic door, the door is always open, which can easily lead to the leakage of cold air. We can choose to install the anti-pinch infrared sensor, and we also need to use the unit's regular warranty inspection to ensure that the automatic door will not have safety problems.

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