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Why Do We Need Automatic Door System In Our Lives?

Automatic sliding doors were invented by Dee Horton & Lee Hewitt in 1954. However, it was installed for the first time only in 1960. Still many buildings across the globe can be found to be using manual door systems and not automatic ones.

Reasons automatic door system is required in our lives

  • Modern: Commercial and residential places installing automatic door systems are perceived to be modern. It is quite efficient and improves convenience of every person.
  • Provide assistance to the disabled: These doors operate automatically and do not require any manual operation. This means even the disabled can move in & out freely without any external assistance and enjoy greater freedom. Those in wheelchairs can now independently move around. This way, sympathy and discrimination that is not desired can be eliminated, providing the disabled with peace of mind.
  • Assist the elderly: Besides the disabled, even the elderly are benefitted with the installation of automatic sliding doors. It allows them to move around freely and whenever desired without requiring others to help them. This way, they can ensure that they are not lonely anymore. They can even visit community centers, shopping and cafes as desired. But if commercial properties lack automatic doors, then life for these elderly people can become much harder.
  • Provide assistance to the general public: Automated doors are indeed a boon for everyone, irrespective of age and gender. It helps people as they have lots of stuffs in hand, children and requiring to push trolleys. For business centers, installing them can improve significantly customer service. Such doors do help its customers to get better access and eases movement.
  • Helps save precious money: With its installation, it is possible to reduce energy waste. At the same time, heating related expenses can also be reduced significantly. Being completed automated, the doors open only when needed. It automatically eliminates incidences like doors not shutting properly or being accidentally left open. If so, then air and heat conditioning are likely to escape, thus increasing energy usage and resulting in inflated bills.
  • Helps to crowd: Having an automatic door system, especially in those areas that witness more footfall can be really beneficial. Places like theaters, music venues, educational facilities, cinemas, shopping centers, leisure centers, etc. can benefit from its installation. It does help to increase customer traffic. This is more so as it allows steady movement of people out & in of the building. This also ensures that the place is less crowded and there is smooth movement.
  • Saves precious space: If available space available is small and there is a genuine need to save space, then its installation can help. Businesses no more have to accommodate swing doors. In small areas, automatic doors can help optimize available space. It also adds pedestrian convenience and de-clutters the area.
  • Law: In some countries, there has been passed a law to increase convenience of people in buildings. Service providers are required to make some reasonable adjustments to provide easy access to the disabled, elderly and others.

Therefore, looking into the above aspects, it can be understood as to how automatic slide doors help us.

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