Wireless pushbutton switch for automatic door

The Wireless pushbutton switch is one of the triggers of OSENT automatic doors. We can stick it on the door body or the wall. Push the switch and then the door will be opened automatically. We need to input the switch code into the controller before using it. The unit includes one wireless receive controller and two hand pressure switches.

  • No wiring. No punching.
  • Long transmission distance.
  • Low energy. Long battery life.
  • Intelligent chip. High security.


  1. Comes with adhesive backing. Can be pasted on various materials.
  2. ABS fireproof shell. High-temperature resistance, impact resistance, strong stability.
  3. Built-in copper antenna. Low power consumption transmission technology.
  4. The microcomputer has the self-learning ability of coding. Easy to add switches at any time.
  5.  Wide voltage input of AC/DC12-36V

Wireless pushbutton Switch 1

Wireless pushbutton Switch 2

The wireless switch can be triggered by lightweight force. And the screw fixing design has good stability.

internal components of wireless pushbutton switch


product overview

product overview of wireless pushbutton

definition of input and output 

definition of input and output

wiring diagram 

 wiring diagram for automatic door                                 wireless pushbutton switch connected with Autodoor


wiring diagram for electric lock

                                 wireless pushbutton switch connected with electric lock

Name  Wireless Receiver 
Power supply AC/DC12~36V
Static Current 15mA
Action Current 80mA(DC12V Power)
Operating Temperature -20℃+50℃
Relay contact capacity 20A  14VDC
Dimension 123mm  (L)  X 50mm (W)  X32mm  (H)


Name  Wireless Transmitter
Power supply 6V   ( 2/pcs 3V battery)
Emission Current 3.9mA
Life of Battery more than 20000times
Transmit distance more than 25M
Operation temperature  -42℃ ~45℃
Operation Humidity 10~90%RH
Dimension 203mm (L) x41mm (W) X12.5mm (H)


size of Wireless pushbutton switch

size of wireless pushbutton Switch


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